Psychology II

Psychology II

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12" x 12"

Acrylic paint



Amanda Miller-Mulvaney

The psychology trio looks inward at the human psyche. They are some of the oldest in my Mythology Series, and they deal specifically with personal mythology. This particular one deals with those moments when we feel a deep conviction about some part of our identity.

You can see the left side dominated by a brown-green background which is a silhouette of a person facing the viewer with their hair hanging in locks (a green path or ribbon weaves in and out of these locks). Within that silhouette is an inner landscape, a glimpse at a facet of this person's personality and identity. We see a deconstructed landscape to the right of this silhouette, a streetlamp, the suggestion of a cobblestone sidewalk, round shapes that could at once be a trail of smoke or a fading jet trail.

This outer landscape is less real in this moment than the inner one--celebrating those moments when we connect with a piece of our identity so fully that all other experience temporarily takes a backseat.