Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your work?

I charge $5 per linear inch for my paintings. This means I add up the height and width, then multiply by 5. So for a 24" x 24" painting, that is 48 x $5= $240

Do you paint on canvas?

Nope! I paint on 1/4" birch plywood which I purchase then cut to the size myself (power tools are too fun to let someone else do this for me). I attach a back frame made from 1" x 2" sticks of poplar (similar to the stretcher bars you see on that backs of canvases). This back frame serves two purposes.

1. It strengthens the board. 1/4" is a nice light board as compared to its thicker cousins, but it can warp due this thinness and may not be as sturdy. The back frame solves that issue.

2. It allows the painting to hang flat against your wall. I can attach my eye hooks and hanging wire inside of the back frame so that everything sits flush with the wall.

3. (bonus!) It looks really nice. I set the frame in a little bit from the painting's edge, so a shadow effect can happen, and you aren't immediately aware of the framing as you would be if it were all the way out to the edge of the painting.

What's the big deal with an original painting anyway?

Well, someday when I'm big and famous, you'll get to say, "I have an original Amanda Miller-Mulvaney," and it will be a big deal.

But seriously, I think originals are cooler than prints because they're one of a kind and the artist actually touched it (in some of Jackson Pollock's paintings there are cigarette butts and shoe prints from his walking around and smoking as he flicked paint, which is wicked cool to people like me).

I'm not going to say bad things about prints at all though! I adore them because they let me take a piece home from an artist I love, but for a price I can more easily afford.