Towels and Shower Curtains

Personalize your bathroom or beach trip with towels and shower curtains printed with your favorite painting!* Find the perfect Beach towels (round ones too!), Bath towels, and Shower curtains that really show off your artistic style.


Each item can be dragged and zoomed in or out to make sure your favorite parts of the painting are in view!


Beach towels come in sizes:

60" round




Bath towels come in sizes:

15"x30" (hand towel)




Shower curtains are the standard 71"x74" and come with holes ready to go on the rings you already have or ready for you to find the *perfect* rings to accent them (my personal favorite DIY idea is tying ribbons into bows instead of using rings!)


*If your favorite painting isn't yet available on these or any other products, shoot an email my way, and I'll put it on the top of my list of paintings to add!

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