Psychology III

Psychology III

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12" x 12"

Acrylic paint



Amanda Miller-Mulvaney

The psychology trio looks inward at the human psyche. They are some of the oldest in my Mythology Series, and they deal specifically with personal mythology. This particular one deals with those moments when peace finds you more than you find it. When you didn't expect a quiet moment to hold you so firmly that you can finally relax. Sometimes this happens when we move ourselves out into nature, other times it happens in the stillness of an evening, or perhaps in the in-between time when we are not quite awake, but not yet unconscious, just experiencing the comfort of your bed underneath you. These moments happen in a variety of ways. They're not usually remembered all that clearly, so I thought I might capture a bit of what they feel like when they are happening, to bring those moments back to us in the hopes that we can be the ones that find that peaceful moment instead of waiting for it to find us.