Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

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20.5" w 24.25"h

Acrylic with water-based paint pen


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Amanda Miller-Mulvaney

Inspired by the world's largest barrier reef, I looked up a video of The Great Barrier Reef. I have done several paintings of the scenes under the ocean's waves, but I wanted to know what these reefs looked like from above. I was surprised! They are not much to look at from a bird's eye view, but what they lack in color and dimension they make up for in wonderful lines, and the shapes they create with varying space between. Thus the white-drawn lines are an artist interpretation of a reef from above, while the colors of the background reference the flourishing life below. The bright colors in the mid-ground emerge from the darkness of the background, suggestive of dark oceans with life and unapologetic color popping out of the depths.