Moving: Update address checklist

I still get mail at my apartment for an old resident and I can't help but wonder if I have any mail still going to any old addresses. I always update my mailing address with the post office when I move, and with any and all people and organizations I can think of.  Still, no matter how thorough I try to be each move, I still get some mail with a yellow sticker label reminding me to update my address with the sender. But that doesn't mean I will give up! I'm going to try to update my address EVERYWHERE this time. You probably have some things on your list that I don't and vice versa, so please comment anything that's missing! Not all of these apply to me or my family, but maybe someday they will, who knows! To make sure you haven't missed anything else, look at your bank statement for what you pay every month. This will help you identify any other memberships, subscriptions, bills, etc. that you might have forgotten.


 . . . 

Without further ado, here is my comprehensive list:

Post office-- change of address forms

Employer-- past and present (paystubs and tax forms!)

IRA/401k administrators-- Vanguard, employer

Doctors/Health-- obgyn, primary care, dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, massage therapist, veterinarian

Pets' microchip info online, doggy daycare/sitter, city animal licensing office

Apps-- weather zip code, Google maps

Insurance-- car, home, health, life, dental, accidental death&dismemberment


Utilities-- Gas, Electric, Water, Garbage, sewer, internet/home phone/TV, cell phone, any pest control, lawn/pool care or housecleaning services, home security service

Bank/credit union-- checking/savings accounts, car loan, home loan


Credit cards

Online shopping-- OutsidePride flower seeds order, Amazon, Etsy, Brooklinen, Shopify, Costco

Subscriptions/memberships-- magazines, subscription boxes/crates, Costco/BJs, YMCA, church, charities, Spotify, Netflix/Hulu, amusement park (Busch gardens)

Government-- DMV, IRS, voter registration, Social Security, county tax assessment office

Your Small Business-- your online store, official email, print-on-demand (FineArtAmerica), website where you get your business cards, your phone service

Miscellaneous-- Planned travel (resort, cruise, etc. so they can still contact you)

Loved ones-- especially grandparents, parents, siblings, pen pals, best friends, and any who send holiday cards. As says, "For the traditional at heart, a postcard or notecard with your new return address can make the announcement for you in a charming, old-fashioned way," but a text/email/Facebook message is still thoughtful because you're thinking of them!

College/Alma mater-- call or email the help desk to ask for a list of everywhere you need to update your address (probably a place to do it online, but also make sure your commencement folks know too if you're close to graduation. Your diploma probably gets mailed! Mine accidentally got sent to an old address when I graduated, whoops!)

 Kids-- school, doctors, clubs, PTA

Veterans Services


Also, while you're at it, call the toll free number on any piece of mail you get that you don't want to keep getting at your new home (charities, catalogs, magazines, pre-approved credit card offers, etc). Sometimes you really have to hunt for a phone number in the fine print. Usually there is a phone number for donors/purchases and that person can switch you over to the right department. To easily find the phone number to opt-out of all pre-approved credit card offers visit:


 Tell me anything I missed in the comments and I'll get it added!

Have a blessed one,



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