Easiest way to kill weeds in sidewalk cracks

Those yellow, dead weeds were as green as the rest of the grass just a few days ago. This DIY weed killer is awesome!


I love a low tech, simple solution. Rather than buying an expensive weed killer, just grab:

1. White vinegar

2. Dish soap

3. Water bottle, hammer, nail (or a spray bottle)


Fill an empty water bottle with white vinegar leaving two inches empty at the top, add several good pumps of dish soap, shake up, punch 2-4 holes in the lid with a hammer and nail, and go spray a generous amount on everything growing out of your sidewalks/patio. 

Don't do this right before or after a rainstorm, it needs to be dry otherwise it'll get washed away and diluted. Preferably do it on a hot, sunny day to help dry out the dying weeds, and if you have the time apply this DIY weed spray 2 or 3 times over the course of the day. This helps kill the weeds as fast as possible, but if you only apply once generously I'm sure it'll do the trick anyway.


I had lots of sidewalk to spray, and I wanted to spray 3 times as the day went on, so I had to refill the water bottle many times. It was very worth it. Two days later we were walking inside from the car and my husband exclaimed, "Whoa! What did you use on those weeds?!" I shrugged and told him, and he shook his head and said he couldn't believe they were all already dead.

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